3D Mammography

3D Mammography is now available at both Ob/Gyn Specialists Northpoint and PGA office Locations

The latest breakthrough in mammography screening for breast cancer is the use of 3-D mammography. The technology has been available for several years, however, up until now, the use of 3-D mammography doubled the dose of radiation to the breast. The new 3-D units now use less radiation than a regular mammogram. Ob/Gyn Specialists is pleased to now offer 3-D mammography at it’s Northpoint and PGA locations.

3-D mammography has an advantage particularly in women with dense breasts. 50% of women fall into this category. 3-D mammography increases the detection rate of cancers in dense breasts to 80%, compared to 59% for regular 2-D mammography that was offered in the past. Certainly the technology is available for women who do not have dense breasts, but the usual 2D mammogram is probably sufficient in women who have not been diagnosed with dense breasts or who have had to have mammography supplemented with ultrasound in the past. 3-D mammography also reduces recall rates for magnification views and ultrasound by 37%. It does not completely eliminate the need for these other studies, but does significantly reduce the chance that you will need to be recalled for additional studies.

Medicare covers the cost of 3-D mammography, however, most other insurance does not cover the cost. If you choose to have a 3-D study the cost at Ob/Gyn Specialists will be $60. This will be paid in advance of the procedure at the check-in window. If your insurance covers this service, then the $60 will be refunded to you. Other than Medicare, most insurance plans do not currently pay for 3D studies. This will likely change over the next year.

Please communicate with our staff if you have any questions. 561.275.7666

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