Acessa Surgical Procedure

We at Ob/Gyn Specialist of the Palm Beaches are proud to announce another tool in our arsenal to treat fibroids. Fibroids can affect more than 70% of all women by age 50. In many of these women, the fibroids have many undesired symptoms such as, bleeding, pain, bloating or even urinary frequency. At Ob/Gyn Specialists we other a wide range of treatments from medications to some of the most advanced minimally invasive surgical options. But now we can also tell you about our new option, ACESSA.
We were the first practice in the state of Florida to offer and perform the new procedure. Acessa is a uterus sparing procedure that is completed as a surgical outpatient. It uses radio frequency volumetric thermal ablation (RFVTA) to treat each individual fibroid by applying energy through a small needle. The surrounding normal uterine tissue is not effected but the treated fibroid tissue shrinks and may even become completely absorbed by the body.
We introduce the needle during a laparoscopic procedure that includes a laparoscopic ultrasound. The laparoscopic ultrasound enables the visualization of more fibroids and more accurately locate each fibroid. The result is a better opportunity to find and treat more of the fibroids which results in greater symptom reduction and lower recurrence then many of the other treatment options.

Acessa Surgical Procedure

Since Acessa was cleared by the FDA for the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids. Its use has been steadily growing in the United States and is posting great success rates. 94% of treat women express it was effective in eliminating their symptoms and 81% report improved menstrual bleeding at 12 months. But the most telling statistics is that 98% of those that underwent Acessa would recommend the procedure to their friends and less than 6%/yr require reintervention.

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Fibroids effect many women and their symptoms can be significant. When seeking treat, patients need to remember no single procedure or treatment for fibroids will be for every effected women. Which is why we are so proud to add another extremely effective procedure to our arsenal of treatment options. The treatment for each patient must be individually tailored to their own goals and symptoms. If you are affected by symptomatic fibroids you should make an appointment with your OB/GYN to discuss these options with you 561-655-3331.

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