Essure – The Practical and Convenient Birth Control Option When You’re Done Having Children

Essure –  The Practical and Convenient Birth Control Option When You’re Done Having Children

By Dr. David Choi, M.D.

When looking for birth control options that are permanent, most women think of getting their tubes tied.  While those are appropriate for some women, the longer recovery, higher cost, generally invasive nature and pain has caused many doctors and their patients to seek better options.  We have found just the alternative – quick, convenient, often inexpensive and will have you back to your normal activities almost immediately.  What is it?  It’s Essure.

Never heard of it?  It’s a permanent birth control procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy.   It can take less than 10-minutes in the doctor’s office and you can be back to your normal routine the same day.

The next question we often get is about insurance coverage.  Most insurance DOES cover the procedure, and some insurance carrier coverage requires that you only have to cover the co-pay.  You should always call your carrier to confirm your exact coverage, though.

A highlight of the benefits include:

  • No incisions and requiring only local anesthetic
  • No hormones
  • No slowing down to recover
  • Performed in less than 10 minutes
  • Peace of mind – your doctor can confirm when you can rely on Essure for birth control
  • Trusted by hundreds of thousands of women and doctors for over five years

The procedure is 99.8% effective, making it the most effective form of permanent birth control available.  It’s important to note the Essure procedure is permanent and is NOT reversible. If you consider this alternative, be sure you don’t want children in the future.

The Essure procedure involves inserting soft, flexible inserts through the body’s natural pathways (vagina, cervix, and uterus) and into your fallopian tubes. The tip of the device remains outside the fallopian tube, which provides you and your doctor with immediate visual confirmation of placement.

Then, for 3 months post-procedure, your body and the inserts work together to form a natural barrier that prevents sperm from reaching the egg (you’ll continue using another form of birth control, other than an IUD, during this period).  Once you successfully complete an Essure confirmation test back in the doctor’s office, then no additional birth control is necessary.

Essure does not contain hormones that will interfere with your natural menstrual cycle. Your periods should generally continue in their natural state.

Consider Essure and call our offices for more information or to schedule an appointment at 561-655-3331.

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