Stop the Inconvenience of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding with HTA

By Dr. David Choi

Hydro ThermAblator (HTA) is a new and minimally invasive option for you to consider if you suffer from excess or prolonged bleeding during your menstrual cycles. The HTA is a device allowing us to perform endometrial ablation right in our offices. Our patients have chosen the HTA procedure when they want:

· An alternative to hysterectomy (or other major surgical procedure)

· Less need for general anesthesia

· Shortened recovery time

· Minimally Invasive procedure without any incision

· Fewer harmful side effects

· A procedure that can be performed in-office

The procedure has become one embraced by gynecologists allowing our patients to return to normal activities faster with minimized risks. This in-office procedure is performed by inserting a camera into the uterus that allows the doctor to view the lining of the uterus. After this, heated Saline is circulated throughout the uterine cavity in order to destroy its lining (also works in an enlarged or abnormally-shaped uterus). The end result is reduced bleeding to “normal” levels, and even less in many cases.

If you’re experiencing excessive menstrual bleeding, talk to your gynecologist about your HTA questions and options. And for additional information on the Hydro ThermAblator, feel free to contact our offices at 561-655-3331.

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