Teenage Girls Resource

Raising kids is challenging. And if you have daughters, thinking about the teenage years can be overwhelming. We’ve found a great resource to help you with some of those difficulties. Check out GirlSmarts.

Teen Girl Health with GirlSmart.orgGirlSmarts.org is a site dedicated to teen girls and their parents/guardians, as well as educators or anyone working closely with teen girls to help guide them through some difficult scenarios. To pull from their own site:

“What is GirlSmarts?

GirlSmarts is a web-based series of cases that teens and their parents could easily access will enhance school based education of critical health-related issues that adolescent females may face in the teen years. Advanced knowledge of such situations will make an adolescent more prepared, and thus less likely, to become involved in high risk behaviors. Concomitant parental education will facilitate family discussions and solidify an adolescent’s view of a topic as well as improve parental awareness of the stresses placed on teenagers today.”

Being a teen is tough enough…make sure you and your teenage girl(s) are armed with health care information that properly educates you and enables her to make the right choices for herself.

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