Wellington office offers hormone pellet therapy

Are you troubled by hot flashes and night sweats? Have you noticed increased fatigue, tiredness, memory changes and decreased sex drive. These may all be signs of hormone deficiency associated with menopause or approaching menopause. Hormone replacement therapy using long acting pellets may be a choice for you. Ob/Gyn Specialists is one of very few practices in South Florida using hormone pellets for the treatment of hormone deficiency symptoms. We have been treating males and females for 15 months with this form of therapy, which has been available for over 30 years. Hormone pellets are bio-identical and also more biologic because they slowly dissolve releasing small amounts of hormone into your bloodstream, very much like ovaries and testicles did when you were younger. Overall, much less hormone is used over a period of time compared to oral treatments or skin creams because the pellets are releasing a small amount of hormone 24 hours per day. Complications such as blood clots have been shown to occur far less frequently with estrogen administered via routes other than oral tablets. Our patients report to us that they feel years younger and some have described it as life changing. The satisfaction rate is higher than any other form of hormone administration we have ever used.
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Fern will now be providing consultations and treatments in our Wellington location. He joins Dr. Burigo and Dr. Iannaccone, who have been utilizing this form of hormone replacement therapy since February 2012. All three practitioners have been trained in Hormone Replacement Therapy by Dr. Gino Tutera, a world renowned OB/GYN doctor that has been a leader in this type of treatment for 30 years. If you are already using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and think you could feel better or if you have been thinking about starting HRT please make an appointment to see one of our physicians at an office convenient to you.

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